coriander seeds

Coriander – Ketumbar – Cilantro – Coriandrum Sativum  a strongly scented annual plant is grown for its seed and parsley-like leaves that give flavor to dessert and spicy dishes. Coriander blooms profusely with tiny white flowers. It gives the best taste and aroma when the leaves are added at the end of cooking. The delicate pink-white flowers that appear in early summer, followed by bead-like seeds, which are used in cakes and biscuits, but also in curry, chutney and pickles. The leaves are added to stews and salads or used as a garnish. Coriander seeds are widely used in Indonesian cuisines such as  Indonesian ayam opor and semur dishes while in Thailand they mostly use the leaves instead of seeds.



The plants are about 60 cm high. Coriander grows well in a sunny spot in well-permeable soil. It needs a long hot summer for the best seed production. Sowing the soil in spring and cover it with a glass plate until it produces the seed and pick young leaves before the fern leaf develops.

Seeds are usually fall off before they can be harvested, so the flowers are picked before the seeds are fully ripe, cover the flowers and keep them in a warm, dry and airy place so the seeds can mature. Store the seeds in an airtight container.