TjMeet Tj Walakani

Born in Indonesia and raised in many cities in the world, but now living in the picturesque Monnickendam, a town in the municipality of Waterland, situated on the Gouwzee in the Dutch province of North Holland with my boyfriend (Frank), faithful, patient taster, my partner in crime and my precious lovely daughter (Anna Sutji). I love art, travelling, meeting new people, passionate about cooking and baking.

In real life, I am a mother, restaurant manager, owners of Tj’s Delish Custom Cakes  situated in The Netherlands.

For as long as I can remember, food has been a big part of my life! no wonder with my Indonesian background. The tradition of cooking and food is handed over to me by my grandmother. I remember, as a young girl I always helped her and fascinated to see how artfully she prepared the many Indonesian dishes and snacks. Her sheer craftsmanship for me is a source of inspiration to this day. I started to travel when I was 11, grew up with many foster parents and enthusiastically experimented with every ethnic cuisine available. I’m sure that being from Indonesia and growing up in many different cultural melting pots was the foundation for my willingness to try everything. I always eager to try new things and never hesitated to try cooking them at home too! I have very fond memories of making my first home-made spring rolls, grilling my first fish caught fresh from the sea, my grandmother all day Balinese cuisine experiments and just lot’s of home-made everything.

I started my culinary journey with learning and cooking Indonesian cuisine and since I moved to Holland was when I learned about European cuisine and only a few years ago I found my passion in baking. It’s never too late to learn cooking and baking. But, Be Ware “It’s So Contagious”

Cook, Bake, Eat, Love

So, together with my boyfriend Frank ten Berge, we started “Cook Bake Eat Love”. In this website, I happily share my passion for cooking and baking. I hope that you will find joy, pleasure, and nourishment in cooking a great meal as much as I do. Cooking can be easy, simple, fresh, seasonal and heavenly delicious. Frank makes beautiful photos of the dishes and helps me with the maintenance of this site. Together we think of great ideas and we make sure that the site looks nice and tasteful.

Every week “Cook Bake Eat Love” will be updated with tasty recipes, interesting blogs, product reviews, culinary hotspots and stores around the globe, interesting facts, cooking tips, video tutorials and many more. For all of you who love baking, ” Cook Bake Eat Love” also offers tons of baking recipes and cake decorating tutorials with tips and tricks to create the perfect cake. We wish you lots of cooking, baking and reading pleasure on our site.

Be Happy!

We can all, every now and then use the motivation and inspiration to help keep us keeping at it, to take the next step forward and then the next, to improve the life we live and the lives of those around us.
our motto is always to be happy. Whether we are in a slump, feeling bad or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do is to be happy. Because “The purpose of our Lives is to be happy” ~ Dalai Lama.

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